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Excuse me? I would just like to put out there, in the United Kingdom they get abortions all the time. I talked to someone from the United Kingdom that said, “Abortions over there are like making a grocery list; eggs, milk, tea, abortion, muffins.”
I’m not saying we could be so liberal, Lord knows we have too many crooked Christians in the west. But at the risk of another teen baby boom just because some f*cked up teen star doesn’t have any common sense! Come on!

So, who’s on board this train?

Well, we have to start with Britney! Flonting around like trailer trash.
Only to be followed by:

Jamie Lynn Spears, who’s fan club runs from 8 to 12 year olds!

Keisha Castle-Hughes, the girl from “Whale Rider” The star made history by becoming the youngest actress ever to be nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award at the age of 13. Good job Keisha!

Now rumors of 14-year-old Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana).. Oh, that’s a funny rumor.. Tho, I’m sure her influence wont be far behind. Have you seen her Halloween costume?

Oh, bring it on baby!


Now here we see Laura in Africa showing her leadership.. and compassion for the AIDS victims.. hmm.. Go ahead, Laura.. put your arm around the girl.

“Oh flowers! You shouldn’t have…. REALLY!”

And what’s this.. Come on, Laura Bush.. Shake the man’s hand.

And what is your daughter doing with Africa’s minister? I wonder what she could have said to him for him to make that face..?
Keep it up ladies! You’re doing a great job saving the world with your presents. I hope your little prodigies are watching closely. These guys look ecstatic to have you in their classroom.