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Excuse me? I would just like to put out there, in the United Kingdom they get abortions all the time. I talked to someone from the United Kingdom that said, “Abortions over there are like making a grocery list; eggs, milk, tea, abortion, muffins.”
I’m not saying we could be so liberal, Lord knows we have too many crooked Christians in the west. But at the risk of another teen baby boom just because some f*cked up teen star doesn’t have any common sense! Come on!

So, who’s on board this train?

Well, we have to start with Britney! Flonting around like trailer trash.
Only to be followed by:

Jamie Lynn Spears, who’s fan club runs from 8 to 12 year olds!

Keisha Castle-Hughes, the girl from “Whale Rider” The star made history by becoming the youngest actress ever to be nominated for a Best Actress Academy Award at the age of 13. Good job Keisha!

Now rumors of 14-year-old Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana).. Oh, that’s a funny rumor.. Tho, I’m sure her influence wont be far behind. Have you seen her Halloween costume?

Oh, bring it on baby!



  1. your discusting i cant believe that you would ever suggest abortion! people like you make me sick. if anyone should get an abortion it would have been your mom. people like you shouldnt live jamie is strong to take care of the situation she is in.

  2. I don’t mean to be insulting, but the fact that you see the biggest problem in the world would be that more pregnant teens have babies as opposed to aborting them shows, I think, a profoundly warped version of the world. Frankly, it’s the view of the world that it LITERALLY killing Europe (see: replacement rates of most European countries).

    It is never good to get pregnant too young. But even when it does happen, babies are a blessing, not a curse, so long as people chose not to make them a curse.

  3. miley cyrus is fucking hot. i wanna fuck her up the ass hole

  4. me to lol

  5. I feel that it WAS wrong for Jamie to get pregnant so young, and i dont feel she should get an abortion, but i do feel the true outrage here is that she is a role model for young kids and is STILL premiering in a popular t.v. show for children! At the very least, the show should have been cancelled as soon as they found out she was with child. what kind of example is being set by continuing this show who’s main audience is 8-13 year olds? i cant beleive nickolodeon is willing to defile thier company name by continuing with the promotion of this show. They are even seeking MORE publicity by making a movie to increase thier viewers! its an outrage and a completely horrible decision on thier part.

  6. I would like to point out that the bible states the life begins with breath (read genesis) and at such a young age, it is probably a better idea for people like Jamie-lynn to get an abortion then bring the child into this world so that it can be raised as a fucked up as Britney and her sister are.

  7. she is the sexiest girl on earth


  9. AB0RTI0N IS MURDER! jeez…she is being very mature about the situation…yer acting worse than she is. if u have a problem w/ it keep it to yourself.

  10. if you want people to keep things to themselves.. maybe you shouldn’t be reading blogs.. hmm.

  11. dudes yes brittany may be a little fukd up i agree but shes gonna get on the right track agen but jamie is not lyk her sister she isnt goin 2 fuk up at this if she keeps her baby shes not fukd up jus cuz she got pregnant twats shes not fukd up she doesnt av a fukd up career no1 goes omg jamies crazy do they no so wot a baby big wooop ppl av bin avin babies 4 millions of yrs and jus imagin how this sounds to ppl who were born wiv parents who r young ur sayin every1 who gets pregnant at a young age is a fuk up no there not !! jamie can handle this eitha way wiv sum ppl if she keeps the baby sum ppl finks shes gonna b a terrible mom shes not u dont no tht u cant jus say shes fukd up jus cuz her sis is sorta and if she gets an abortion ppl will h8 her do u eva fink mayb she wanted a kid thts y they didnt use protection so jus leave her alone its not lyk u actually no her yh i dont no her either but dont judge ppl !!!!!! argh ppl make me mad wen they judge ppl every1 mkes mistakes titface jus get over it and stop being so judgemental and to be honest bringin a baby in2 the world aint a mistake its a blessing jamies gonna do fine ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. and oh yh shes old enuff 2 mke her own decisions bein 17 n everyfin

  13. ๐Ÿ™‚ so if u got anyfin 2 saii 2 me sayin im a twat thn e mail me

    gd luk jamie ๐Ÿ˜€ i no ull do well ๐Ÿ™‚ ur gonna b a gr8 mom no m8a wot any1 else sez

  14. okkkkkkkkkk

  15. ๐Ÿ˜€

    yh so ya no if u wanna av a go at me cuz u fink im rong
    or jus 2 chat ๐Ÿ™‚
    thn add me gd luk jamie ๐Ÿ˜€ ur gonna b a gr8 mom no matter wot dikheds say they dont no wot there ona bout

  17. You’re a tit, I’m from England and what you’re saying is complete bullshit.
    It’s not easy to get an abortion and it’s not taken so lightly either… I can’t believe you’d even suggesting that.
    You spoke to one person and all of a sudden you’re an expert? LMFAO! That REALLY makes me laugh.
    Get your head out of your arse and look for facts instead of hear say…
    How much do you wanna bet the person telling you all this shit was a) a boy or b) a virgin?
    Plus, Abortion is sick and it’s wrong and she’s 17 it’s not like she’s a kid!
    My best friend has 2 kids now and she’s only 19 and she’s a wicked Mom, so you’re saying she was wrong to have those babies?
    Jamie’s done the fucking decent thing and not killed an innocent life…
    But alright if you wanna look at it THAT way imagine if your own mother had someone like you polluting her brain while she was pregnant with you… tosser.
    Here’s a couple of things you should consider before posting something like this again…
    You’re a nob.
    Get it? Also… you should maybe think about getting yourself a life…

  18. stupid

  19. hola q hermosa te ves en la foto si eres asi en lรฑa foto me imagini q mas hermosa eres en persona como me guataria conocerte a una gran estrella como lo eres tu espero q leas esto ps

  20. i agree with dudes101 she is going to be a great mom……..

  21. leave the girl alone! it’s probably just a cold sore or a scratch, or whatever it is, you’ve probably had one or two. you’re a fag. *no offense to gays* so it’s practically your life, if you even have one, to bag on celebrities’ smallest flaws? get a life. she is probably a great mom.

  22. Is a girl beautiful
    More inteligent
    Con gratulations to the program Zoey 101
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  23. I am a pregnant teen, im 19, but still a teen. I have been trying to get pregnant for months, and now that i am it the happiest time of my life. Its scary as hell going through all of this so young. Why dont people support her for making a mature desicion to keep her child instead of attacking her! Can you imagine how bad you guys would all be screaming if she had terminated the pregnancy. TAKE A CHILL PILL and respect other peoples privacy F*CK

  24. hanna montana sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. hanah montana sucks

  26. bitch\

  27. fucking asshole

  28. hannah montana is a bitch and hoe

  29. it`is very speak you speak spanish? yes i do by

  30. soy espaรฑola y vosotros que soi ingleses aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh vale hannah montana is a bitch and hoe. fucking assole. hanna nontana sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jamie lynn spears is best beautiful k hannah montana

  31. take it from someone that knows….. I was 16 when I had my now 2 year old son, I did it with practically nothing, not even close to what Jamie Lynn has……. but I do agree with the original thought that yes, teens should not be having children. As with Jamie Lynn, my spiritual beliefs stopped me from having an abortion, but the difference is, I am not a role model for millions of little girls all over the world, I am just some girl nobody knows. When you are in the public eye like these girls, you need to think not only about how things affect you and your image, but how it affects your CHILD fans all over the world. And as for Miley, she is going to be the next young Hollywood mom, everyone knows it, she is 15 and dating a 20 year old UNDERWEAR MODEL!!! But please don’t blame just the girls themselves; a lot of the blame lies with the parents for allowing things like this to happen…… just some food for thought…..

  32. she is reaaly with it whos can think she is ZOE

  33. ur awesome Jamie

  34. i hate the poop of jaime shes a fuck

  35. I’m French, and all I can say is that in Europe, less and less doctors agree to abortion, because of lobbying. It is sad because even if this is not an easy decision to take, it can change a life. I had a friend who was pregnant because the condom had torn (is it the right word? I mean that it broke). She was 16, she could not keep the baby. Do you imagine yourself a mother at 16 or 17? Wake up people, we are not in Middle Ages anymore!
    And about what Sarah said, I have something to add : if you have a problem with something, will you shut your mouth? I don’t think so. This is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, does this remind you of anything?

    • ืจื‘ืงื” ื‘ืŸ ื™ื”ื•ื“ื”
    • Posted March 26, 2009 at 7:08 am
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    It’s pretty sad that the writer of this blog thinks teens should get abortions rather than giving the baby up or keeping he/she. The writer is entitled to her or his opinion just like we all are, but it definitely is sad. I’m thinking maybe this person is young. I’m 30 and even strong pro-abortion people I know don’t think this way.

    It’s always fine and dandy for teens and even kids to have sex but when the teen becomes pregnant and DOESN’T have an abortion it’s a huge problem. I’ve had liberals tell me that sex is everyone’s right to do even as young as 12 but the same person said it’s wrong for a girl at 17-18 to be pregnant and how she shouldn’t even give the baby up because being pregnant will ruin her body. Unless a person, teen or adult, is capable of dealing with all the responsibilities that come with having sex, i.e. pregnancy, stds, they shouldn’t be having sex.I got news for you liberals. I my self have had 2 kids, born 6 years apart. my body is far from ruined. My first I had when I was 20, I could have had him at 17 or 18 because I was married before he was conceived and I was very mature. I got married right after I turned 18 cus my husband and I are soul mates. I’m 30 now and we’re still very in love and best friends. We want to adopt a baby but they’re all being aborted. We have fostered quite a few kids but they all have mental problems from being taken from their real parents and I would take them in if not for my 2 kids. I don’t want them picking up those kinds of behaviors because I have 2 of the greatest kids out there. Compared to my neices and nephews my kids are angels. My oldest has always been a straight A student. I’m hoping I will find a baby to adopt, doesn’t have to be newborn, but I prefere young. As far as older kids with mental problems from being taken from their parents, we’ll adopt a couple of those once my youngest is old enough to not pick up such behavior. There’s no need for abortion. Alot of people can take on new born babies and they want them. I’d adopt 6 if there were any. I can afford them and then some. ANd if I didn’t have my 2 kids, I wouldn’t have any boobs. I was completely flat chested until I had my second at 27 years old. My breast arent that big now but atleast i got them and I’m thankful for that. Also haveing kids doesn’t make you fat. I think that only happens if you’re greedy cus you do develope an appetite but you’re not any more hungrier than usual, you just crave things you normaly wouldn’t.

    My point is, there’s no need for abortion. It doesn’t ruin your body. If teens wern’t meant to have babies (physically) they wouldn’t menstruate and ovulate.

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  42. i think hannah montana is a good role model for kids

  43. osea como va a ser que las menos populares esten esta pagina la mas mas ma spopular es hannah montana osea

  44. What the f**k all of the Anonymous and also unonymous…

  45. wow you have a very cute pix i like it u know i am your big fan

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  48. I like Hanna Montana! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. She is so cool!

  50. She is pretty and smat people just need to leave her alone and for the people how called her discusting your DISCUSTING

  51. okay,first off, all of you guys on here talking about having sex with younger girls are perverted and need to have a psych evaluation. second, it is good that Jamie Lynn is deciding to take care of the child, but it is still not the problem. the problem is she got pregnant from a guy who doesn’t really want anything to do with this child, which is his child… his own flesh and blood, by the way. if he didn’t want to have kids, why did he mess around in the first place? answer? to get attention. now his face is plastered all over the internet and newspapers, colleges probably wont accept him, and he is stuck with the choice of either gaining custody of the child and sponging off of Jamie Lynn for child support checks which would be a very unlikely outcome (unless he could afford a bus full of pretentious lawyers to fight her one), or he can admit what he did was wrong and learn to live with the mistake he forced upon himself and her. if he had been more controlling of his hormones and his ego, then this kind of thing would not happen in the world today. it is sad to see the youth of our nation making the same mistakes as we have and as our ancestors have. history is written so that we can learn from our mistakes, not so we can keep repeating them.

  52. Woo – hoo, another abortion debate. To be completely honest, I don’t give a flying fuck whether or not someone gets an abortion. It’s completely up to them. If you think getting an abortion is wrong, then don’t get a fucking abortion. It’s not rocket science. If you feel the need to force your own moral code on other people, then you’re the one that’s in the wrong, not them. And to those of you blaming the “population decline of europe” on abortion, get your facts straight. Russia and Japan are the only countries currently suffering from a decreasing population, and only Japan is suffering greatly. And you know why? Because they don’t let in immigrants. There are no developed countries that can replace their own population.

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    • Posted July 27, 2010 at 1:39 pm
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    fuck the spears family, the whole fuckin bunch of them

  53. stupid ass bitch who cares about hanna montana she is a bitch no she is hour nobody is a fan but kids like 6

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